Identit-e Verification - Process for Initial Verification Failure


Certain degree-specific software will require you to register with Identit-E to verify your student eligibility. If you do not use your “” e-mail address when youregister with Identit-E, you will not be automatically verified. To resolve this, you will need to contact Identit-E to have your account information adjusted.

Troubleshooting steps:

Step 1. The quickest way to resolve the issue is to contact Identit-E support via Live Chat. To begin a chat, click here and select the "Contact Us" option on the left side of the page. A page will pop up with a Live Chat option. Live Chat Support is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm CT.

Step 2. If Live Chat is unavailable, you can submit a request via email. An email request may can take up to 48 hours to process. If you are approved, they will email you the Pro-Tools activation information. If you are denied, contact us immediately as you risk being locked out of your software if approval isn't received within 30 days.

Verification status can be checked on the Identit-E website by entering your verification code and associated e-mail address. Your status should appear on the resulting page. If you have checked status and are unsure about the message received or believe it’sbeen too long since your initial request, you can email Identit-E directly.

Instructions for Email request:

Step 1. Sign into the email account that you used on the Identit-e website. Find the verification email and forward it to your Full Sail email address.

Step 2. Log into your Full Sail email account and locate the forwarded verification email. Open the email and take a screenshot of the entire screen. Make sure that the date,  time, and year are visiblein the top right hand corner of your computer screen.

Step 3. Next, take a screenshot of your Full Sail Online course page. Again, make sure the screenshot is of the entire screen including the date, time andyear.

Step 4. Once you have these two screenshots, rename them as shownbelow.

Screen shot 1: image1_yourlastname_yourfirstname_yourStudentVerificationCode.png

Screen shot 2: image2_yourlastname_yourfirstname_yourStudentVerificationCode.png

Step 5. Attach the files in a reply to Identit-e email explaining that you are a Full Sail student that accidentally registered with your personal email. Send the email to


Note about screenshots: Tomake the year visible, click on the date and time in the top right hand corner of your computer's menu bar and then take the screenshot with the drop down window open. To take a screen shot of your entire screen press and hold ⌘Shift, and then press 3. The screenshot will be saved to yourdesktop.

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