MyMatLab - Setup

Account Set Up:

Step 1. Please access your at or


Step 2. Once logged in, please locate the "Important MathWorks Account Information” email that should have been sent to your student email.

Step 3. Once this has been located, please click on the Reset Password option within.


Step 4. Once the page loads, please reset your account password.


Step 5. Once your password has been reset, you will be asked log in. Please enter your email address along with the password that you just set. This should allow you to log into this site.



Step 6. Please accept the terms and conditions by clicking the Accept button.


Step 7. Once the page loads, please reset your account password.




For Online Access:

Step 1. Please access and log in using your email address and the password that you created.


Step 2. You maybe asked to set a username for this page. Please select a professional username for your account and click the update button.Screen_Shot_2018-10-31_at_11.21.04_AM.png

Step 3. You should find that this allows you to access this program online without an issue.





For Offline Access

This would be recommended if you do not have a reliable internet connection

Step 1. On the Account page, please click on your license number under the My Software section of this page.



Step 2. Please click on the tab that states “Install and Activate”


Step 3. Then click on the Download Installer button.


Step 4. Please click on the R2018b button.



Step 5. Please click on the Mac OS (64bit) version to start the download.


Step 6. After the download completes, please launch the This should unzip the file and you should find a matlab_R2018b_maci64.dmg file. Please launch this.



Step 7. Once launched, please double click on the “InstallforMacOSX” icon.


Step 8. If you see a prompt stating that the application was downloaded from the internet, please click the Open button.


Step 9. You will be asked to authorize the application to make changes to your computer. Please enter the password that you use to log into this computer and click the OK button.



Step 10. Once the MathWorks Installer opens, please select the Log in with a MathWorks Account and click the Next button.


Step 11. Please agree to the License Agreement by selecting Yes and click the Next button.


Step 12. Please enter your email address and the password for your account. Then click the Next button.


Step 13. On the license selection screen, please ensure that a license appears in the Select a license area and click the Next button.


Step 14. Once the Folder Selection window appears, ensure that it set to /Applications and click the Next button.


Step 15. On the Product Selection pane, please click the Next button.


Step 16. Please click the Next button on the Installation Option window.


Step 17. Then confirm the installation by clicking the Install button.


Step 18. Once you see this page, the installation process has begun. Please note that this can take some time to complete this process. This stage relies heavily on your internet connection.


Step 19. On the product configuration notes page, please click the Next button.


Step 20. On the installation complete prompt, please click the Next button.



Step 21. Once the MathWorks Software Activation prompt appears, please click the Next button.


Step 22. On the User Name prompt, please do not change the Login Name and click the Next button.


Step 23. Next, you should see a Confirmation Window. Please click the Confirm button.


Step 25. Your software will be activated once the Activation Complete window appears. Please click on the Finish button to complete this process.


Step 26. You can launch the Application by navigating to your Applications folder and launching the MATLAB_R2018b application.



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