Pro Tools - Installation with activation

This tutorial will take you through the steps for installing and activating your Pro Tools software. If you received Pro Tools prior to February of 2018, please use this guide.

ilok.png  If you received an iLok by itself (on or after May 2018), please use this guide instead: 



If you received a boxed version of Pro Tools between February-April of 2018, please use this guide instead:



Before you begin, please locate your iLok and Download Code. You will need these to continue: 

This tutorial is divided into 5 sections:


Step 1. Visit and click the option to "Create Free Account."

Step 2. Fill in the requested information. IMPORTANT: Write down your iLOK User ID. You will need it at a later time to synchronize the two accounts and obtain the product license.

Step 3. Once your account has been created you will be taken to the "My Account" page. Click on the option to download the iLOK License Manager.

Step 4. On the next page, click on the green “Mac OS X” button. This will download the installer for the iLOK License Manager.

Note: We highly encourage you to download and read over the iLOK License Manager User Manual and the Quick Start Guide. These will insure that you get the most out of your iLok License Management software. For your convenience we have also linked to them below.

Step 5. Once the download has finished, locate the DMG file in your downloads folder. Double click on it to launch the installer. Follow the on screen prompts to complete installation.

This concludes our iLok preparation. We will be returning to the iLok and the iLok License Manager later on in this tutorial.


In order to obtain the download/activation code for your Pro Tools Student software, you must prove that you are a student. To do this Avid uses a third party verification service called Identit-e.


Step 1. Click here to access the Avid Identit-e page.

Step 2. Locate the Pro Tools Verification/Activation Card from within your Pro Tools packaging. Enter your verification code and click “Continue.”

Step 3. Enter your Date of Birth and click “Continue.”

Step 4. If you are prompted to confirm your age, click “Confirm Age.”

Step 5. Set your user type as “Student” and click “Continue.”

Step 6. Enter your FULL SAIL EMAIL ADDRESS in the Email Address field. Enter it again in the Re-Enter Email Address field. Click “continue.”

If this is done properly, you will see a green alert stating: “This email address can be used to validate your eligibility.”

  Again, use your FULL SAIL EMAIL ADDRESS!!! This cannot be stressed enough. Identit-e will use your school issued email address as verification that you are a student. If you use any other email account you will be flagged for additional verification which can be QUITE painful.

Step 7. You will need to complete your Verification Information with the following information:

  • Country: United States
  • School Type: Higher Education
  • State: Florida
  • City: Winter Park
  • Name of School: Full Sail University

Click “Continue.”

Step 8. On the “About You” section, you have the option to fill out information about yourself. You may choose to leave this blank. Click the “Verify Me” button at the very bottom.

Step 9. You will now see a prompt saying “Thank you for submitting your verification request!”

Step 10. Lastly, check your Full Sail email inbox. You should have received an Approval email from Avid with your Download Code.


Once you have successfully verified your student eligibility and retrieved your Download Code from your Full Sail email, you will need to register on the Avid website. 

Step 1. Click on the following link to access the Avid website: Enter your information and select "Create an account," even if you already have one. Please use your Full Sail email address for consistency.

Step 2. You will be brought to the “Avid Software Activation and Download” page. Open your email from Identit-e and locate the Download Code. Copy and paste it into the text field and click the “Activate Product" button.


Note: Nothing will actually download. Instead, you will be directed to complete the Pro Tools registration information.

Step 4. During the Pro Tools registration process, you will be prompted to enter the iLok User ID that we discussed earlier in the tutorial. You will need to enter this User ID EXACTLY as it was entered on the site.

Step 5. Once registration is complete, you will be redirected to the "My Products & Subscriptions" section of your account. Download the Pro Tools installer. 


Once you run the installer, you will be prompted to activate your Pro Tools with the iLok License manager. Before you can install Pro Tools, you must first activate your Pro Tools software license onto your iLok USB thumb drive (PART 4).


You will need to transfer your Pro Tools license onto your iLok in order to use Pro Tools.

Step 1. If you are not automatically prompted to open the iLok license manager, navigate to your Applications folder and double click on the iLOK License Manager Application icon to launch the License Manager.

Step 2. Click the “Sign in” button in the upper left corner to log into your account.

Step 3. Once logged in you will need to connect your iLOK to your computer. Once the iLOK is recognized, you can use the tabs at the top for various views of your licenses. The "Show Details" button will you more specific information on a license.
All Licenses: Shows all licenses in your account, both activated and not activated.
Available: Shows the licenses eligible for activation to a new iLOK.
All Activations: Shows only your activated licenses (the ones already on an iLOK).
Unavailable: Shows licenses that have expired or been transferred to another account.

Step 4. Select the "Available" view to see the licenses available for activation to an iLOK. There are 3 ways you can activate the license:
1. Right click on the license name and select “Activate" from the dropdown menu (used in the example below)
2. Drag and drop licenses from the available window directly onto an iLok in the left column to transfer.
3. Click to select the license to be transferred, click the show details button, and then click on "Activate" on the right

Step 5. You will be prompted to select an “activation location.” Select the iLok and click “Activate.”

Step 6. You will be prompted to confirm the activation. Click “OK.” A blue progress bar will appear on the left. When the activation is complete, a message will appear to let you know that the license was successfully transferred.

Step 7. To confirm that the license was transferred, you can click on the iLok in the left column. The license should appear on the right.


Step 1. Go to your Downloads folder and run the Pro Tools installer to begin the installation.

(If you cannot find the installer, go to your Avid My Products and Subscriptions page to download it.)

Step 2. Once the installation is complete, make sure that your iLok is connected to your computer. Double click on the Pro Tools application icon from within your Applications folder. Pro Tools should launch without any issues.

Step 3. In addition to Pro Tools, you will need to run the AIR Effects Bundle, AIR Instruments Bundle, and XPAND II installers.

Download these installers from one of the following...


  • Launch the Avid Application Manager > Apps > The installers are listed as First AIR Effects Bundle and First AIR Instruments Bundle, but they install the same plug-ins/versions.
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