How to Use Adobe Spark for Android

This article explains how to use Adobe Spark to create a video and add a voice narration from your Android device. 

Step 1. Please access this site and create an account with Adobe. 



Step 2. Once completed, please access



Step 3. Tap on the three dots in the top right of your Chrome browser and select the Desktop site menu option. This should result in the desktop site being requested.



Step 4. Tap the Continue button. 



Step 5. Please tap on the icon for video to create your presentation.



Step 6. Please enter the title for your presentation and tap the next button.



Step 7. Select a template or tap the Start from scratch button.



Step 8. Tap the Okay, I'm Ready! button.



How to create your presentation using Adobe Spark.


Step 1. To add an image, tap the icon Photo as shown below.


Step 2. To add text, tap the Text icon as shown below


Step 3. To record your voice, please tap and hold the icon below. While holding the button down, speak into your phone. (When using this feature, it will ask permission to use your mic. Please allow this. If this is not accepted, it will not allow you to use this feature.) Please note that it will allow 30 seconds of voice per slide, so please plan accordingly.



Step 4. Once you have completed your presentation, you can click the download button (shown below) that appears that the top of the page to download a video file of your presentation. This file should be able to be uploaded to the FSO LMS site.




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