IK Multimedia Installation


This tutorial will walk you through the steps for installing the IK Multimedia plugins. Before starting, have your IK Multimedia Serial Number handy (if you are eligible for the IK Multimedia Bundle, check your student email for your Serial Number). 

Please note that this installation will take 3.64GB of total space on your hard drive.


Step 1. Please click HERE and select the download button for Mac.


Step 2. Once the download has completed, launch the installer by double clicking on the file.


Step 3. In the pop-up window, please click the icon “Install Authorization Manager.pkg"


Step 4. Once the installer launches, click the Continue button.

Step 5. Click Continue and agree to the Software License Agreement.

Step 6. Click the Install button in the bottom right.

Step 7. Once this has completed, please click the Close button to complete the installation of the Authorization Manager Application.


Step 8. Once this has been installed, please launch the Application titled "Authorization Manager” in your Applications folder.


Step 9. Once launched it will welcome you to the application. Please click the NEXT button.


Step 10. Once the application launches, it should ask you if you are new user and a registered user. Please select NEW USER when asked.


Step 11. Once asked, please enter the requested information to register for an account with IK Multimedia. Please be sure to use your Full Sail email address when registering for this site. Once completed, please click the NEXT button.


Step 12. A prompt should appear stating that “An email has been sent to the address you have supplied. Click on the link included in that email in order to activate your account. When done, click the NEXT button to continue the authorization process.”

Go ahead and access your Full Sail email, locate the message from IK Media, and click on the link. Once done, please click the NEXT button.




Step 13. On the next pane, please enter your serial number and click the NEXT button.


Step 14. The last pane will show the applications that were activated. Please click the download buttons that appear to the right of the listings to download each plug-in. To start, lets download the AmpliTube 4 plug-in.


Step 15. Once the download has completed, please launch the .zip file that was downloaded.


Step 16. Once launched, a file with the same name will appear in the download location. Please open this folder.


Step 17. Please launch the installer.pkg that can be found within the folder.


Step 18. Once the installer launches, please click the Continue button.


Step 19. Please click Continue button and Agree to the Software License Agreement.


Step 20. Please click the Install button in the bottom right.


Step 21. Once this has completed, please click the Close button to complete the installation of the plug-in. Please repeat Steps 15- 21 for the AmpliTube Custom Shop, SampleTank 3 SE and T-RackS Custom Shop audio plug-ins.


Congratulations! You have completed the installation of the IK Multimedia Audio Plug-in bundle!

These plug-ins can be found in your digital audio workstation (i.e. Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, etc.)


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