Final Draft 10 - Installation

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for installing your Final Draft 10 software.


Step 1. Please click here to start the installation process. Once the page loads, please select your OS version of the software and click the Download and Install Final Draft Button.

Step 2. If the installation doesn’t start automatically, it should redirect you to a download page to start. Once downloaded, the installer will typically be saved in your Downloads folder.

Step 3. Double-click the file to begin your installation. If you only see the .zip file, double-click it and the Final Draft 10 Installer.pkg file will be displayed. Double-click this icon to begin the installation.

Step 4. Click Continue to begin the installation.

Step 5. Read the End User License Agreements, then click Continue.

Step 6. Agree to the End User License Agreements

Step 7. Click Install

Step 8. Enter your Mac User Name and Password, then click Install Software.

Step 9. The program will be installed. Click Close to exit the installation process.

Step 10. Locate Final Draft 10 in your Applications folder or Launchpad and double-click the application icon. 

Step 11. Once the activation window opens, enter your Customer Number and click Activate.


You're all set! You have successfully installed your Final Draft software. 

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