Melodyne Installation

This tutorial will guide you through redeeming your software code for Melodyne and how to install the program on your MacBook Pro.

Step 1. Go to to begin the installation.


Step 2. You’ll need to go ahead and create an account with Celemony in order to redeem your code. Go ahead and select “Login” to begin the process.


Step 3. After selecting “Login”, you’ll see the option for a “First-time registration” to the right of the email address field. Select this link to begin creating an account.


Step 4. Before you’re able to input your credentials for registration, you’ll need to provide the serial number that was sent to your student email address. After entering the serial number, select “Register” to continue the process.


Step 5. You should see the field below that will require you to provide some basic information to complete your account setup. When inputting a company, please make sure you are entering “Full Sail University”.


Step 6. Now you’ll be asked to create a password for your account. To keep it simple, use the same password you would use when accessing your student portals.


Step 7. After successfully creating your account, you’ll see the below option to begin downloading your program.


Step 8. At this point, the instructions will prompt you which operating system you will need to download the program for. You have the option between OS X or Windows. Select the proper operating system and proceed to download the dmg file.


Step 9. If you’re downloading is proceeding successfully, you’ll see the prompt below.


Step 10. After you’ve finished downloading the file, be sure to check your Downloads folder for the “Melodyne.4.04.004.pkg” file. This contains your installer for the program. It should be similar to the image displayed below.


Step 11. After opening the .pkg file, you’ll be able to install the program completing the installation brief as shown below.


Step 13. You’ll be redirected to the Celemony site to activate Melodyne on your computer. 

Go ahead and select the “Activate” prompt once more to begin the activation.


Step 14. You should now see your computer’s name listed as shown by the example below. For the last time, go ahead and select the activate option to complete the license activation.

Step 15. You’re activation should now be successful! You can now close out of the window and begin using your Melodyne plugin!


Step 16.  Since your program has now been activated and linked to your computer, make sure that you are able to access the program without any issues. If you do encounter any issues with the activation, please reach out to FSO Support!





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