How to use the Safari To Go app on a mobile device

You can use the Safari To Go mobile eBook app using your Full Sail Account. You won't be able to sign into the app directly, so use the steps below to access.


Step 1. Install the Safari To Go mobile app but do not launch it.

ios.png   android.png


Step 2. Open your mobile browser and go to Sign in using your Full Sail credentials.



Step 3. Once the main Safari Books Online site has loaded, zoom/scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the link to "Launch the Mobile app" -- if you do not see that link, click here



Step 4. Tap the "LAUNCH MOBILE APP" button. This will pass you from the website to the mobile app without requiring you to sign in.


  If you have issues opening the app, try putting your device into Airplane mode before launching the application. This will prevent the app from trying to sign you in again and allow you to access the platform. 


Step 5. The Safari To Go app will now open and you can begin reading. 


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