Auralia 5 and Musition 5 Installation

This tutorial will guide you through installing your Auralia and Musition software. Eligible students are provided serial numbers as part of the Project LaunchBox. 


Step 1. Locate your Serial Number and School Code.You will need these to continue:



Check your Full Sail Email. You should have received an email containing your serial numbers (aka "Activation Codes") for Musition and Auralia. Try searching your inbox for the words "Auralia" or "Musition." If that doesn't work, please contact FSO Support.

If you can't find your serial number, please click here to download the Cloud versions of this software.


Check your FSO course for your School Code. This is commonly found in your assignment or in an announcement.

If you do not have a School Code, please use FS-201902-FUM. Please note that this is not your school code, just a code that can be used to obtain the installation files.



Step 2. Visit and enter your School Code, then Continue. If you are not in a class that requires Auralia or Musition yet, you can use the following School Code: FS-201902-MUA



Click the provided links to download your software.



Cloud-Only Editions (Only use these if you have no serial number)

auralia.pngAuralia 5 Cloud



musition.pngMusition 5 Cloud





The installation steps for both Auralia and Musition are identical. After installing Auralia, simply repeat steps 3-12 again for installing Musition.

Step 3. Run the Auralia/Musition installer.


Step 4. Click "Agree" and Install.


Step 5. Click Install then enter your macOS password.



Step 6. Locate the Auralia/Musition app in your Applications Folder and open it.


Step 7. If prompted, enter the Activation Code that was sent to your student email. Auralia codes begin with "AUCEE" and Musition codes begin with "MUCEE".


Step8. Select to register using your own Internet Connection and "Register for Myself". Then click "Done".

Step 9. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a personal Auralia/Mustion account. We suggest using your Full Sail email, but you can use any email to setup this account.

Step 10. FOR FULL VERSION ONLY. You will be prompted to create a System Admin account This is a local account you can use when you're working OFFLINE or outside of your normal coursework. If you don't see this step, you are using the free Cloud-Only version of the software.

Step 11. If you see a checkbox that says "Use cloud connection," make sure to check it.  Leave "Use proxy server" unchecked. Then, login using the following:


Step 12. Click "Start".


Troubleshooting Tips

If you are able to login, but do not see your coursework...

Solution: Make sure you are signed into the Cloud and not your normal account.


Your school code, user name or password are incorrect.


Solution: Check your FSO course page for detailed instructions on how to enter your username, password, and school code. For example, you may need to try using your entire Full Sail email address, or just the first part of your email (without as your username. Be sure to copy and paste the school code exactly as it it appears in your course. If you still have trouble, contact your instructor and/or Technical Support.


You have already downloaded the latest versions of either software, and you're receiving an error message prompting you to update the software again, or an error message about a database problem.


Solution: Please follow the steps in the attach PDF "Auralia Musition Database Fix".



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