Windows 10 - Installation with Boot Camp Assistant

This guide will walk you through installing Windows 10 onto your MacBook Pro using Boot Camp Assistant. It is highly recommended that you print out this tutorial (or read it from another device) since you will not have access to it during installation.

Part 1: OnTheHub

Part 2: Boot Camp Assistant

Part 3: Windows Installation

Known Issues/Troubleshooting 


Part 1: OnTheHub  

Step 1. CLICK HERE to begin downloading your Windows 10 installation (.ISO) file -- please be sure to choose the 64 bit file.



Step 2. Visit to sign into your OnTheHub account using your Full Sail email address.

  • If this is your first time using OnTheHub, you will need to register with your Full Sail email address before signing in. 
  • Once you have signed in, click the "Microsoft Imagine Premium" tab (only visible to eligible students -- if you do not see it, please contact FSO Support). 


Step 3. Locate "Windows 10" and click on it.


 Step 4. Select "Add to Cart" and select "Check out" on the next page.



Step 5. Your receipt will contain your Product Key in red text.

  • Please note that because you downloaded the Windows 10 (.ISO) file in Step 1, you will not need to click "Download" after obtaining your Product Key -- downloading and using the .ISO file from the page with your Product Key has caused countless issues for students in the past, so stick with using the file from Step 1.
  • Also, make sure to physically print or write down your Product Key for your records, as you will need it to activate Windows, and if you ever need to reinstall your software in the future.



Part 2: Boot Camp Assistant  

Step 1. Open Boot Camp Assistant from your Applications/Utilities folder (or use Spotlight to find it), then click "Continue."


Step 2. Use the "Choose..." button to locate your Windows .ISO file from Part 1 (usually in your Downloads folder by default). 

Note: If you have a 2014 Mac or earlier, you will see a different screen and will need a 16 GB or larger USB flash drive to continue.


Step 3. Use the slider to choose how much hard drive space you want to give Windows. Click “Divide Equally” to meet your course requirements, or you can give more space to Windows by dragging the partition slider to the left. Then click "Install."


Step 4. Allow some time for Boot Camp Assistant to copy Windows files and download Windows support software. (Depending on your internet connection, this can take awhile.) 




Part 3: Windows Installation  

Step 1. Your computer will restart to the Windows installer. Click "Next" and follow the onscreen prompts.


Step 2. When prompted, enter your Product Key, or you can select "I don't have a product keyto activate later.


Be sure to select "Windows 10 Education" as your Operating System. 


Step 3. Accept the license terms to continue.


Step 4. Allow some time for Windows to continue installing... 


Step 5. Once your computer restarts again, you’ll be able to customize settings like whether Windows Updates are enabled, or you can use Express Settings.


Step 6. Create a user account for the Windows side. The password is optional and will be used to login to Windows. Then click "Next."


Step 7. Once you reach the Desktop, the Boot Camp installer will appear. Do not cancel this. Click "Next" and then accept the license agreement to install your drivers.


Step 8. Once Boot Camp installer completes, Windows will automatically restart.


Congratulations! After restarting, all drivers will be installed and Windows installation is complete.

info.png After Windows is installed, you can switch between MacOS and Windows by restarting and holding the Option key. To select your default operating system, use the Startup Disk preference pane in MacOS, or the Boot Camp system tray item in Windows.


Did you activate Windows? If you did not enter your Windows Product Key during installation (in Step 4 of Part 1), please click the Search (search.jpg) button in Windows and search for "Activation" to redeem your code.





Known Issues/Troubleshooting  


Unable to download Windows .ISO file or Windows Support Software...

  1. Ensure you're connected to a reliable high-speed Internet connection. A slow or unreliable connection can corrupt or completely stop the download process.
  2. Check that you're running the latest version of macOS ( > About This Mac... > Software Update).
  3. Disable any firewalls or known security software running on your Mac.
  4. Restart your Mac and restart the download.
  5. If issues persist, try connecting to a wired ethernet connection or use a different Wi-Fi network altogether.


Error message: "Need 64-bit Windows 8 or later ISO file"...

  1. Ensure you are using the Windows 10 .ISO file provided to you by OnTheHub and not from anywhere else.
  2. Ensure your Windows .ISO file is not running or mounted during the Boot Camp process. If you see the .ISO file as a "hard drive" icon on your desktop, right-click the file and select "Eject" to unmount the drive, then re-run Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. After ejecting, go back to Boot Camp Assistant and re-try your .ISO file.


After installing Windows, you have no internet, no sound, no function keys, or bad screen resolution...

  1. Go back to Boot Camp Assistant and choose Action > Download Windows Support Software from the menu bar.
  2. Save or copy the "WindowsSupport" file to a USB flash drive.
  3. Restart your computer to Windows (you can hold Option during boot up).
  4. Once Windows has booted up, use File Explorer to locate your USB drive. Open the WindowsSupport folder and run the setup.exe file.
  5. The Boot Camp installer will open. Follow the prompts to re-install all of your Windows Support Software (drivers). More info can be found here: 


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