Audacity - Installation

This guide will take you through the steps of installing Audacity with plugins. 


Step 1: Download the Audacity with plugins Zip file from your FSO activity.

Once the file downloads open it up and you should see two files.

Click on the Audacity-macosx-ub-2.1.1.dmg file and open it.


Step 2: Click and drag the Audacity folder to the applications folder.

You can then open your applications folder and locate the Audacity folder.


Open the folder and click on the Audacity icon and click "open"

Upon opening you should see this screen. Click "ok" then you can minimize Audacity.


Step 3: Go back to your downloads folder and open the "swh_plugins.dmg" file.



PLEASE NOTE: You may see this error message saying the file can't be opened. If that happens, right click and select open on the box icon.


Right click and select open.


Click open.



Step 4: This begins the plug-in install. Click continue. You will be taken through a series of prompts. Follow the on screen instructions.

Click continue.

Click install

Once you get to this screen the plug-ins are done installing. You can click close on this window and go back into Audacity.



Step 5: Go back to Audacity. Click and hover over the effects menu. Click on "Manage."


Once this window opens click on "select all." Click "enable" then click "ok"


You should see your plugins all populate in the list and you can scroll through them. They should now be active in white as seen below.


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