Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac - Installation (via OnTheHub)


To install Office 2016 for Windows, click here.  

Step 1. Visit to sign into your OnTheHub account using your Full Sail email address.


Note: If this is your first time using OnTheHub, you will need to register with your Full Sail email address before signing in.


Step 2. Select the MS Office 2011 tab at the top of the screen.


Step 3. Select Office for Mac 2016.

Step 4. Click Add to Cart on the right side. Notice that this is a Free Purchase.

Step 5. On The Hub will display Your Cart.  Verify that the Order Information is correct.


Step 6. Click Check Out to complete the purchase.

Step 7. Review the license agreement and then fill in the username and signature at the bottom of the screen.


Step 8. Click I accept.

Step 9. Answer the customer survey and click Next.

Step 10. Enter your Order Information, located at the bottom of the screen.


Step 11. Click Proceed With Order.

Step 12. Your receipt will display. An email containing this receipt should have now been sent to your inbox provided; however the Product Key will not be in the email. Your Product Key will only appear in your On The Hub Account for 30 DAYS.

 VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make Sure to SAVE your Product Key! Write it Down. 

Step 13. After retrieving your Product Key from the OnTheHub site, select the Start Download button or simply visit this link:

Step 14. Click Start Download beneath the Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac header.


Step 15. If you already have a Microsoft Account, click Sign In, otherwise click Create a new account -- please note that this cannot be your Student Email address.


Step 16. Microsoft will prompt you to log in. Enter your MICROSOFT ACCOUNT and click Sign In.

If you do not have a personal Microsoft Live ID, you will need to create one. NOTE: Full Sail Office 365 credentials cannot be used here. It must be a personal account.


Step 17. Select the Install button. It may take a second to upload.

Step 18. The Installation Window should appear. Click Continue.

Step 19. Read over the license again and select Continue. Then click Agree.

Step 20. Choose your destination and click Continue.

Step 21. Change the Install Location and then click Install.

Step 22. A pop-up should appear. Enter your password and click Install Software.

NOTE: This is the password that is used to enter your computer.

Step 23. The Installation should begin. This may take several minutes.


Step 24. The following screen should appear. Click Close to continue.

Step 25. Once the installation is complete, Word 2016 should open so you can activate.


Step 26. Review the What's New Screen and click Get Started.

Step 27. Microsoft will prompt you to sign in to activate Office. Select the Sign In button.

Step 28. Choose an appearance for your Office Installation. Then click Continue.

Step 29. Sign in with your Microsoft NOT your Office365 account. Click Next.

Step 30. Select Start Using Word.

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