Microsoft Office 365 for Windows - Installation

This is a tutorial on how to download and install your Microsoft Office software while you are an active student. Please note your Office365 student license will expire upon graduation. For the Mac tutorial, click here.


Step 1. Sign into your Office365 account with your Full Sail username (first part of your student email address) here:  



Step 2. When you sign in, you will see “Office 365” in the top left corner of your inbox. Click on “Office 365.”


Step 3. You will be brought to a page that will display a download button. Before clicking this button, please ensure that both check boxes that appear above are unchecked before clicking the Install Now button as shown below. 

If these are left checked, Bing will be applied as your default search engine and MSN will be set as your default homepage.


***If you receive an error stating "Please contact your admin. it looks like they haven't assigned you a license for the Office desktop apps."Screen_Shot_2017-03-02_at_8.37.30_AM.png

Go to:, type in your student e-mail address and proceed to log in. You will be able to download and install from there.***

 Step 4. You will be asked if you would like to save the file, please click the Save button.


Step 5. After the file has completed downloading, please launch the file.


Step 6. A User Account Control prompt may appear when launching the file, please click the yes button. 


Step 7. Initially, you will see a Office loading Window. Please be patient, this should disappear shortly.


Once the program launches, you will see the Office Welcome window. Once able to, please click the Next button on this window.



Step 8. On the next window, you will be requested to select a setting preference. It is generally recommended that you select "No Thanks" and click the Accept button in the bottom right of the window. By clicking this button, you are agreeing to the Microsoft Office License Agreement. To view this agreement, click the View Agreement Link that appears to the left of the Accept button.



Step 9. On the next window, you will be shown a tutorial of what Office can do. You can click the Next button in the bottom right at anytime to proceed.



Step 10. On the next window, please click the sign in button.



Step 11. Next, please enter your Full Sail email address and click the Next button.



Step 12. Then, select the Work account option on the window that appears.



Step 13. Once the sign in window appears, please enter your Full Sail email address and password. Then, click the Sign In button.




Step 14. You will be shown a tutorial of what One Drive can do. You can click the Next button in the bottom right at anytime to proceed.



Step 15. On the next window, you will be asked to select a background for Office. You can select any option you wish. After this has been done, please click the Next button in the bottom right to proceed.


Step 16. You maybe prompted that Office is installing in the background. If you do see this, please be patient Office is installing and can take some time.


Step 17. Once the installation has completed, you should see a Office Window stating that "You're good to go". Once this has appeared, please click the All done! button in the bottom right to complete your installation.

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