Internet Connection Troubleshooting (Full Sail Campus Network)

If you find you are receiving issues accessing the Full Sail Campus WiFi, please perform the following troubleshooting steps.


Connected to proper network:

Confirm you have connected to the proper network (See: Access Campus Wi-Fi)

  • FS-Student: For active students
  • FS-Staff: For all staff members
  • FS-Alumni: For graduates
  • FS-Grads: For graduation ceremony
  • FS-Guest: For registered guests and interns*
  • FS-Registration: For Campus Orientation event

*WWE / NXT Interns: Please contact EBMS Course Director Chris Woodward ( for FS-Guest username and password.

*Guests should contact their sponsor (whoever is hosting their campus visit) for username/password.


Removal of manually set DNS:

Verify you do not have any manually assigned DNS in your WiFi Network Settings.

Step 1.  Access "System Preferences" via the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen and click "Network".


Step 2.  Select "Wi-Fi" on the left and first disable your WiFi, then click "Advanced..."


Step 3.  Click the "DNS" tab to view your DNS settings.

 Step 4.  Your settings should match those listed below:

  If you have different DNS Servers listed, they will need to be removed. To do so, select the DNS and then click "-" in the lower left corner. 


Once your DNS settings are correct, click "OK".


Step 5.  Once returned to the "Network" screen, click "Apply" in the lower right and then Turn Wi-Fi On.


  If you find that you are still experiencing issues, please also try these troubleshooting steps:


Changing the Network Location to the Current Date: 

Step 1.  Access "System Preferences" via the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen and click "Network".


Step 2.  Select "WiFi" on the left and first disable your WiFi, then click "Automatic" in the "Location" field.



Step 3. Click the "Edit Locations" selection to add a location.


Step 4. Click the "+" to add a location titled today's date in mm/dd/yyyy format. An example of this would be (04/27/2015) without the parenthesis.



Step 5. Click "Done" once you have added the date in mm/dd/yyyy format.


Step 6. Ensure that "mm/dd/yyyy" is selected under the "Location" field, and choose "Apply". Please also ensure that your Wifi Status is turned "On" and that you have "Campus Wifi" selected.


Step 7. Once your "Location" reads "mm/dd/yyyy", please  close System Preferences and restart your computer by clicking the Apple logo, at the top left corner of your screen and choosing "Restart".


Step 8. After your computer starts back up, please reset your browser. You will find instructions for a browser reset by clicking here.


At this point, you should now be able to access the Full Sail Campus WiFi properly.  If you find you are still experiencing issues with accessing the Campus WiFi, please contact FSO Support for further assistance.


Support Contact Info
Phone: 877-437-6349
Hours: Daily 8am - 2am (EST)
Twitter: @fsosupport
Help Center:

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