Waves Certification Bundle – Installation

This tutorial will take you through the steps for installing the Waves plugin.

Step 1. Navigate to: https://www.waves.com. Click on “Create Account” in the top right corner

Step 2. Enter your First and Last name and create a username. Then input a password that you will remember, as well as your Full Sail email address. Then hit submit.

Step 3. After you create your account you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 4. Access your Full Sail email at http://mail.fullsail.edu. Find the email from Waves.com and click on the confirmation link to finalize the process.

After you click the link, you will sign in with your newly created credentials.

Step 5. Once you are in your Waves account, click on “register new products”.

Step 6. Enter your Waves serial number in the box and click "submit."

Step 7. You will then receive a confirmation prompt. Click “Download & activate”

Step 8. After being brought to the Waves webpage, you will need to click "Downloads" and choose "Older Versions."



Step 9. On this page you will need to scroll down to locate the "Legacy Versions" and choose Waves "Version 9.3."


Step 10. After clicking the "Download" button, you will need to choose "Mac" to retrieve the .dmg file to install Waves Version 9.3.


Step 11. Once the download is complete, double click on the “waves_complete”

Step 12. Click continue to start the installation.

Step 13. Click "Continue."

Step 14. Click "Agree."

Step 15. Put a check in the box next to "Waves License Center." Then scroll down and put a check in the box next to "Waves certification bundle." After the two boxes are checked, click "Install."

Step 16. Once the Plug-ins have finished installing, you will need to activate your Waves License. Go to Finder and then Applications and scroll to the bottom until you see “Waves.” Click on "Waves" to open it.

Step 17. Then double click on “Applications."

Step 18. Now open up the “WLC” to finish activating your license.

Step 19. Once logged in you will need to select your licenses and send them for approval.
1. Click the "Online" Icon.
2. Select the product in the middle by clicking the "Certification Program" license
3. Then click install

Your Waves plug-ins should be installed and activated after this point.

*Note that plug-ins do not run as free-standing programs. Rather, you will see them available on inserts within Logic or Pro Tools.

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