Ableton 9 Live Suite - Max For Live Download and Installation

This tutorial will take you through the steps for setting up Max for Live with Ableton 9 Live.

Step 1. Navigate to: Click on “Log in or Register.”


Step 2. Enter your Ableton credentials on the left, and click “Login.”

Step 3. Under the Your Account section, you will see a “Max for Live” download option. Choose “Mac OS 64-Bit” from the drop down menu and then click the blue “Download" button.

Step 4. Once the download is finished, open a Finder window. Click on Downloads and you should see the Max.DMG file. Double click the Max.DMG file to start installation.

Step 5. Double Click the MAX 6 icon.

Step 6. Click “Continue.”

Step 7. Click “Install.”

Step 8. Now that Max Live is installed, we will need to check your preferences. Open up Ableton 9 from the Applications folder. Then click on “Live” in the top left corner and choose “Preferences.”

Step 9. In Preferences click on “File Folder” along the left side.

Step 10. Make sure your folder destination for the Max application is set to “/Applications/Max6.1/”

After this step, click here to view our tutorial for setting up Max For Live packs with Ableton 9.

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