Ableton Live 9 Suite - Setting up Max For Live Packs

This tutorial will take you through the steps for installing the Max for Live packs for Ableton 9 Live.

Step 1. Navigate and sign into: Scroll down and you will see your “Packs.” For this tutorial we will be installing Max Live packs. In the example below we will download “Max for Live Big Three” by Cycling ’74.

Step 2. Once the Download is finished, open Ableton Live 9 from your Applications folder. Go to “File” in the top left corner and choose “Install Pack.”

Step 3. Your Finder Window will appear and you will need to locate the Max Live files you just downloaded. In the example below, you will see the file for “Max for Live Big Three” by Cycling ’74 in the Downloads folder. Click "Open."

Step 4. You will see a loading screen pop up and then you will see your Max Live plug in loaded in Ableton (as shown below by the arrows).

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