Ableton Live 9 Suite - Installation

This tutorial will guide you through the steps for installing the Ableton Live 9 Suite application. 

Step 1. Navigate to: Click “Log in or Register” in the top right corner.

Step 2. Create your account with your Full Sail email and also make up a password you will remember. Then click “Create Account."

Step 3. Once your account is created you will be redirected to your account page where you can enter your serial for Ableton live 9 that you received in your student email at

Step 4. Once your serial is registered you will be prompted with a green confirmation banner. Now you can begin your Ableton 9 Suite download.

Step 5. Under the Your Account section, you will see a “Live 9 Suite” download option. Choose “Mac OS 64-Bit” from the drop down menu and then click the blue “Download" button.

Step 6. When the installation begins select “Agree”.

Step 7. To Finish the installation you will need to drag the Ableton Live 9 icon into the Applications folder icon next to it.

Step 8. You will then see the software copy into your Applications folder.

Step 9. Once Ableton is done copying you can open up the program from your Applications folder.

Step 10. Once open, you will be prompted to authorize your software.
Click on “Authorize with”.

Step 11. Then click “Okay” when you are asked to launch “Live”.

Step 12. Once the software is authorized you should be all set to use the Ableton Live 9 suite (tutorials below).

Max For Live Download and Installation Guide:
Max For Live Packs for Ableton Setup Guide:
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