How to Reduce Image File Size (Mac)

The following tutorial will walk you through reducing the file size of an image on macOS.

You would like to upload a profile picture to FSO, but your image is larger than the 300kb file size limit allotted for profile pictures.

Step 1. Right click (control + click) your image and choose 'Open With -> Preview'.

Step 2. Click and drag a selection around the area you would like to use for your profile picture.
Note: if your image is really large, to help reduce file size even more, you may have to zoom out on your picture before it is cropped.

Step 3. Once you have your selection made choose 'Tools -> Crop'.


Step 4. Once the image is cropped go to 'File -> Export'. 

Step 5. In the export settings, give your file a name and choose 'Desktop' as the location. Under 'Format' choose 'JPEG' and for 'Quality' drag the slider halfway between least and best. Click 'Save'. 

Step 6. To confirm that your new profile image is under 300kb, right click (control + click) the image and choose 'Get Info'. 

Step 7. Under 'General' you will see the new size of your image (in this case our new file size is 70kb). 

Step 8. You will now be able to upload your picture to your profile on FSO, but first you must remove your existing picture if you already have one.


Step 9. Click here to your FSO profile and click 'Remove' next to your profile picture. 

Step 10. Click the camera icon to submit your new profile picture for approval. 


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