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Will I have access to my Full Sail email account after graduation?
How can I access my 1098-T Tax Form?
How can I reset my Full Sail Student password?
How can I order a school ID / security badge?
Who can help me with my Music/Audio Production software?
How can I obtain a transcript?
What is the profile picture policy?
How do I update my shipping address?
What is my student email address, and can I change it?
Which Web Browser should I use?
Who is my Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Advisor?
How do I crop my profile picture?
Do quizzes and tests automatically save on the FSO platform?
Do we use Windows 10?
Where can I find the course code for my classes?
What email address does Full Sail use to contact me?

Will I have access to my Full Sail email account after graduation?  
Yes, you will have access to your Full Sail email account after graduation as long as your account is being actively used.

You can directly access your email account at: http://mail.fullsail.edu or http://mail.office365.com

How can I access my 1098-T Tax Form?  
In order to access your 1098T Tax Form you will first need to go to Campus Portal: https://campusportal.fullsail.com/
Next there are two places you can go to retrieve the form:
1. Click on "My Finances" on the left hand side of your web browser. Then click on "View 1098T."
2. There is a link at the top middle of the page titled "View 1098T." Click on that link and your form will be loaded.

How can I reset my Full Sail Student password?  
To reset your Full Sail University password, click here.

How can I order a school ID / security badge?  
Step 1. Contact the Business Office or visit The Hangr (if you are on campus) to provide $10 payment for ID. You can reach the Business Office at 407-215-9525.
Step 2. The Business Office will then notify the appropriate departments confirming that you have paid the required fees.
Step 3. Fill out the student ID request form here. (The form is under the Security Organization on Connect). Be sure that the photo adheres to Full Sail Security Department's student ID policy.
Step 4. Once your picture is received, approved and processed, our Security department will mail the ID to your current address.

Who can help me with my Music/Audio Production software?  


Your first point of contact for audio-related technical questions should always be your instructor. Your instructor is an expert in the technology you are using and can address your questions in the context of the course content.

In the evening, when your instructor is not available, you can contact the Audio Tech support team on chat, 7 days a week from 5pm to 9pm (EST). They can assist with the installation and operation of your audio interface, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Logic, iLok, MIDI keyboard, and other pieces of equipment unique to Music & Recording degree programs. To contact these specialists, use the following chatroom:

GTM.png gotomeet.me/AudioTech 
For technical questions or issues (e.g., Pro Tools, Logic, Auralia installation, troubleshooting, etc.)


For music-related questions, your first point of contact is still your instructor, but after-hours help is available from the Music Help support team on chat, 7 days a week from 5pm to 9pm (EST). They can help you with music notation, music theory, composition techniques, and other music-related questions. To contact these specialists, use the following chatroom: 

GTM.png gotomeet.me/MusicHelp 
For music theory questions (e.g., help with reading music, music listening skills, composition, etc.)


How can I obtain a transcript?  
The following website is for both Official and Unofficial Transcripts. Please head over to the following website and follow the provided steps: https://www.parchment.com/u/registration/34985/account


What is the profile picture policy?  
You will need to submit a current headshot photo to be used as your identification within your online classroom. This photo is used to identify you to other classmates, as well as your instructor. Your entire face will need to be clearly visible in the photo, and you will want to represent yourself as you would if you were attending a physical classroom.

• The photo must be a headshot of you only.
• You must be centered in front of the camera. Leave some space above head and below chin.
• Your face should make up majority of the photo. If you submit a full-length photo, it will have to be cropped to just show your face.
• You will need to use a photo (do not use cartoons, caricatures, etc.)
• The photo cannot be enhanced (do not use borders, photo filters, etc.)
• The photo will need to have a high enough resolution so that you can be clearly seen.
• We are a drug-free and weapons-free campus.
• The file must be under 300 KB. Click here to see how to reduce image size. 

Please make sure that your picture fits the above requirements. You will find examples of approved and denied photos below.

Approved photo: Face is fully visible, even though the person is wearing eyeglasses.
Denied photo: Face is not fully visible, and sunglasses obscure view.

Approved photo: Cropping photo down still retains quality, and face is in full view.
Denied photo: Cropping down photo produces a blurry image because it was not high enough resolution to begin with.

How do I update my shipping address?  
Make sure the address we have on file is always current. Waiting too long to submit a change of address form will result in a fee as well as loss of GPS points.

To change the address, you can go to http://mystuff.fullsail.edu and log in with your Full Sail Credentials. Once logged in, click on the Profile tab to the left and the option to update your address will be in the middle of the page.

You can also fill out the change of address form here: https://orgsync.com/50056/forms/77774 or contact your Student Advisor at onlinestudentadvisors@fullsail.com.

What is my student email address, and can I change it?  
Student e-mail addresses will consist of the same username you received when you registered for Full Sail Online, along with the domain fullsail.edu. For example, yourname@fullsail.edu.

Staff email addresses vary from staff member to staff member. All staff email address end in @fullsail.com rather than @fullsail.edu. Please take note of this, as it is common mistake.

We are sorry to inform our students that changing your Full Sail Online username or email address is not an option our platform allows at this time. Our team apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Which Web Browser should I use?  
You will need to use either Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, and we recommend that you have more than one of these web browsers on your computer. The main reason why it is a good idea to have more than one web browser installed on a computer is that it provides a back-up or alternate way to connect to the Internet when a favorite web browser suddenly stops working or denies access to a particular website even after a browser reset (clear cache and cookies). Technology is not perfect, as much as we expect it to be. Programs, software, and websites change, get updated and, sometimes, break for unknown reasons.

If you’re still not convinced your browser might be displaying certain webpages differently or not as effectively than another browser, then consider these situations:

1. Versatility - Having multiple web browsers installed on your computer provides you with different interfaces to connect to the Internet. Try out a variety of web browsers to see what they do and how they display the Internet content on your computer.

2. Compatibility and Security - Some websites might not open properly or look incorrect after awhile of using your default web browser. Try another web browser to access the website.

3. Reparability/Reliability – Web browsers wear out, become corrupt, out dated and break, just like other computer programs. Upgrading the web browser version or completely re-installing the web browser will usually corrects the issue. But, this isn’t effective when time is not on your side (like when meeting an assignment deadline for example). Using a backup web browser will save time and headaches until the problem can be fixed.

You can download Firefox here.
You can download Chrome here.

Who is my Academic Advisor and Financial Aid Advisor?  
Your Academic Advisor is your personal staff member tasked with ensuring your success in your academic program at Full Sail. These advisors assist with all kinds of student affairs issues. If you need to take a leave of absence, have a question about a past final grade or need to speak about personal issues, please call your advisor. Your advisor can also act as an intermediary between you and your instructors should you have trouble contacting one of your instructors. If you are a campus student, you can look up your advisor here. If you are an online student, you can look up your advisor here.

The mission of Full Sail’s Financial Aid department is to assist Full Sail’s students in all facets of the financial aid process. Look up your Financial Aid Advisor here.

How do I crop my profile picture?  
Step 1. Locate the user icon in the top right corner of your core page. Click the icon and click "Manage Account" from the drop down menu.
Step 2. Upload your profile picture by dragging and dropping or clicking “Select File” from your computer. Note: If you have an existing photo, you will need to delete it before adding a new picture.

Step 3. Drag or resize the selection window to adjust crop position until your face is framed properly.
Step 4. Click "Save."

Step 5. Once your photo is approved, it will appear on your profile. To review the Profile Photo Policy, please click the link provided in the description.

Do quizzes and tests automatically save on the FSO platform?  
Once you make a selection on a multiple choice quiz/test, you will receive a notification that your answer was saved. This means that if you don't finish in one sitting, your saved answers will appear the next time you login and go back to the test. Your answers will not be submitted for grading unless you click "submit" when you are done.

Do we use Windows 10?  
Some degree programs require students to install Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant. If your degree program uses Windows, you may have noticed the option to download Windows 10 from the OnTheHub website. Your instructor will provide you with detailed installation steps if you are required to use Windows. 

Where can I find the course code for my classes?  
The course code will appear in grey text on the main course page: course.fso.fullsail.edu. The course name appears on the left side, and the course code is in grey on the right side.

You can also use the attached Excel spreadsheet to search for your class Course Code. You can use the "Command + F" shortcut to search through the Excel file to quickly find your class and course code.

What email address does Full Sail use to contact me?  
If you email or call support, a case is created for you in our system, and communication is sent to you via email through that case. In some cases, we may not be emailing you back at the address you used to send the request initially. Here's why:

• No matter what email account you use to email us, if you have a Full Sail (@fullsail.edu) email account on file, we will likely use the Full Sail account to respond to you.
• If you do not yet have a Full Sail email account, or you are having trouble accessing it, we will use the email account you provided during the enrollment process to respond to you.

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