Visio Pro and Project Pro - Installation

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for downloading your Visio/Project Pro software from Full Sail On The Hub.


If this is your first time accessing your On The Hub page, please review step 1-5 of this tutorial for registration instructions before you begin. Please note that the screenshots may not reflect Visio Pro, or Project Pro, but the process to acquire the software is the same.

Step 1. Make sure you are on Windows, then visit to sign into your On The Hub account. (If this is your first time using OnTheHub, you will need to register with your Full Sail email address before signing in.) Once signed in, click the "Microsoft Imagine Premium" tab. 

Step 2. Locate your Visio 2016/Project 2016 software and click on it.


Step 3. Select "Add to Cart."

Step 4. Click "Check Out."

Step 5. Your receipt will contain your order information, including your product key. Make sure to copy your Product Key and save it in a safe place, as you will need this number to activate your software, and you will need it if you ever need to reinstall your software.

Once you have your product key, you can click "Download" to begin your download, or return to the "Microsoft Imagine Premium" tab to order the rest of your software.

Step 6. When you are finished ordering your software, you will see your items listed in your order history. Please verify that you have ordered the correct versions (listed below). When you are ready to download your software, click on the software to view your order details.

Step 7. On this page, click "Download."

Step 8. Check your Downloads folder to open and run the installer, and follow the onscreen prompts. 


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