Rosetta Stone TOTALe - Installation and iPad Sync (Windows/PC)

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for downloading and installing Rosetta Stone TOTALe on Windows and syncing the application with your iPad. You will need access to a computer and an iPad, and you will need an internet connection. Your computer does not need to have a CD drive with this tutorial.

Step 1.
Open your box. Locate the Activation Card. Write down the activation number and keep it in a safe place.

Step 2. Open your web browser and use the following link to get to the download page: On the download page, select the option to "Download for PC."

Step 3. Before you can download Rosetta Stone, you will need to download and install the Akamai NetSession Interface. Click the "download the installer" link. A prompt will then appear, and you will select "Run File."

Step 4. Review the license agreement. Select "I agree" and "Next."

Step 5. The Akamai Netsession Interface will begin to install.

Step 6. After the Akamai Netsession Interface finishes installing, you'll be asked where you want the Rosetta Stone download to go. Choose the Desktop since it's easy to find. Click "OK."

Step 7. After selecting the folder, the download will begin in the browser. The download will not appear in the browser’s download history, but in the actual page as shown below. Select "Automatically open when complete"

Step 8. A dialogue will ask if you want to run Setup.exe. Click “Open” to start the installation.

Step 9. Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe Setup will begin. Click "Next."

Step 10. Review the End User License agreement.  Click “I accept” and then “Install.”

Step 11. Please wait while your files are installed. This may take a few moments. 

Step 12.  Make sure there is a check in the box next to "Run Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe. Click "Finish" to open Rosetta Stone TOTALe.

Step 13. Your language levels will begin to install. This may take up to 30 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

Step 14. Enter the Activation Code that you found in Step 1. Once it is entered, click "Activate."

Step 15. Click "Continue."

Step 16. Fill out the "Create a New Learner" form. Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use. Click "Continue."

Step 17. Click "Continue."

Step 18. Click "OK."

Step 19. Fill in your information. Use your Full Sail email address, and make sure that you save your password in a safe place (you will need your password later when you install Rosetta Stone on your iPad). Click "Submit."

Step 20. Your web browser will automatically open. Sign in with the same information that you used the Rosetta Stone application.

Step 21. Click "Not now."

Step 22. Your Rosetta Stone course page will load in your web browser.

Step 23. Leave your web browser and go back to the Rosetta Stone application. Click "Continue."

Step 24. Your course will sync. This may take a moment.

Step 25. Your course will load in the Rosetta Stone application.

Step 26. Now that Rosetta Stone is installed, you can sync it to your iPad. Open the App Store on your iPad.

Step 27. Type "Rosetta Stone" in the top right search field. Rosetta "Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone" will show up as the first result. Click on the "Free" button.

Step 28. Click "Install."

Step 29. Enter your Apple ID and click "OK."

Step 30. Once the application is installed, click "Open" to launch the application.

Step 31. The application will open with a sign in screen. Click "Sign in."

Step 32. Enter your Full Sail email address and enter the password that you created during Step 33.

Step 33. You will be prompted to allow the application to access your microphone. Click "OK."

Step 34. The Rosetta Stone application will load with your course.

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