Belkin USB 3.0 4-Port Hub + USB-C Cable


Adds up to 4 traditional USB devices to your computer. Ships from Full Sail as part of the "Accessory Pack" which accompanies Late 2016 MacBook Pro's and later.

USB Hub & Micro B cable were removed from all non-audio programs as of 1708. Non-audio degree programs now receive a single USB-C to USB adapter with their Mac.

Students who receive the Belkin hub must use the USB-C to Micro-B cable (shown right) to connect the hub to the laptop.


Known Issues/Troubleshooting

USB Device plugged into the hub is not recognized on Mac.

  1. Check the device's manufacturer page to ensure drivers or updates are not required.
  2. Restart the computer. After restarting, quit all applications.
  3. Plug the hub into an AC power outlet.
  4. Plug the computer into an AC power outlet.
  5. If the USB device requires its own AC power, plug it into an AC power outlet.
  6. If the above steps do not help, plug the hub into a different Thunderbolt port on the computer.
  7. Disconnect all USB devices from the hub, then reconnect the device that's having trouble into a different USB port on the hub.
  8. If the device is still not recognized, test the Belkin hub on another computer (if available) using the black USB 3.0 cable that came in the box (This could help isolate the problem to USB-C to Micro-B cable).

Support Contact
Comes with Belkin Lifetime Warranty



  • 5Gbps Data transfer rate
  • 900mA Power Output per port
  • Includes a power supply
  • USB-C to Micro-B Cable provided separately (see above image)


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