How to check your Full Sail student email


All Full Sail communications will be sent to your student email address. You must check your email regularly to keep up with important updates, and use your student email when contacting classmates, instructors, and other Full Sail staff. You also need to use your student email when registering for websites and software that are used in your degree program.

How to Access:

Direct link:

Secondary link:

On your phone or computer's Mail app

You can also access your email through Connect

Alumni access: You will continue to have access to your student email after you graduate, but you will need to use the direct link since Connect is only available for active students. Messages sent from your account will be sent in "" format. 

Account Limitations:
You have 25GB of space to utilize for your mail. You can review how much space you have by clicking on the Options menu inside of your email, and selecting See All Options.

You are able to send up to 25MB of attachments in an email, however, no single attachment may be larger than 10MB. 

Add your Full Sail Email to your phone or computer
Adjust settings for spam/junk

Common Issues/Troubleshooting:
Password reset

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