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TurnItIn.com will be utilized in some courses as a proofing and learning tool as well as a way to prevent plagiarism. This is a third-party website and you will need to submit your work on both TurnItIn.com and FSO.

You will receive a login and password through your course instructor every time you enroll in a course that uses Turnitin. Once you register for the first time, you can re-use your sign-in credentials, HOWEVER, you need a new registration code to view each new course.


Registration Issues: 

The typical English department process for students is as follows:

For students who already have TurnItIn accounts registered to their Full Sail email addresses, the class will automatically show up on their account.

For students who do not have TurnItIn accounts registered to their Full Sail email addresses receive an email from TurnItIn with a link (in the form of a red button) to access the new account and set their passwords.

This is typically fully explained to students in the TurnItIn Registration activity on my course page, but many dive in and skim for a class ID without fully reading the directions. If you receive calls from any students regarding the lack of a class ID and password, please direct them to check their Full Sail email accounts (including junk mail) for the email containing the link to set their passwords.

Many instructors in the English department use this same enrollment method (when they do, it’s in the assignment instructions), so check the assignment instructions to determine if you should help the student search their Full Sail email for a "set password” button/link or send the student back to the instructor to ask for a class ID and password.

Direct URL: http://turnitin.com/
Click the "Log in" button int he top right to sign in.

Contact Info:
Create a ticket: https://turnitin.com/help/helpdesk.asp
Help Center (Articles): https://turnitin.com/static/helpCenter/hcStudents.php    

Supporting Links:
These downloads will assist you in using TurnItIn. You may also find these links here.
Student Quick Start Guide
Student Manual
Enrolling in a Class
Submitting a Paper
Creating a New User Profile
Setting User Preferences
About Originality Check

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