Windows [Visio] - ISO Installation without a blank disc

This tutorial will walk you through .ISO file installation without a blank disc. You can use this to install Visio.

Step 1. All of the following steps should be done on your Windows Partition.
Step 2. After downloading the Visio .iso file from OnTheHub, click here to get to the Virtual Clonedrive software download page. The Image below shows you where to click to download the program

Step 3. During the installation you will be prompted to set up file associations. Check mark only "associate .iso files" as shown below

Step 4. Now that VirtualClone Drive is installed you can now double click on the Visio .iso file and it will create a virtual drive as shown below

Step 5. Click on the newly created drive "E"  on the left hand side and double click on "setup". The installation will start and you can now install Visio without using a blank DVD!


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