Autodesk Maya - Installation

This tutorial will take you through the steps for installing Autodesk Maya (You can also use these general steps to install other Autodesk apps).

Step 1. Determine which version of Maya you need. Check your course (assignments, announcements, syllabus, etc.) if you're not sure. Most students can install the latest version, but check with your instructor if you need to clarify.

Step 2. Click on the following link:

Step 3. Select the software that you wish to download (in this case, Maya).

Step 4. If you have used an Autodesk Educational account before, click "SIGN IN" and skip to Step 12.

Otherwise click "CREATE ACCOUNT."

Step 5. Enter your information and be sure to use your Full Sail email address. Then click "NEXT."


Click "CREATE ACCOUNT" once complete.

Step 6. Go to your email and look for a message from "Autodesk" (

Step 7. Click on the link from your email.

Step 8. Close the pop up that says "Account verified."

Step 9. Return to the Autodesk Free Software page to select your software again.

This time, click "SIGN IN" and enter your email/password.


Step 10. Search for "Full Sail Real World Education" as your educational institution.


Step 11. Select your area of study, then enter your approximate Enrollment and Graduation month/year. Click "NEXT" to continue.


Your account is now set. Click "CONTINUE."


Step 12. Select your Version, Language, and Operating System. 

Step 13. Your serial number and product key will populate.  

  Save your serial number and product key. You will need them to activate your software, and if you ever need to reinstall your software.

Click "BROWSER DOWNLOAD" to begin downloading the installation file.

Step 14. Open the installation file once it is finished downloading. 

Tip: If you cannot locate the file, check your Downloads folder.

Step 15. From the pop-up window, double-click the colored Install icon as shown below.

  If the pop-up does not appear, open Finder and click "Install Maya 2017" from your list of Devices.

Step 16. Click "Open" if you receive a pop-up window.

Step 17. The Installer will launch. Click "Continue" and ACCEPT the License Agreement.

Step 18. Keep all of the boxes checked (unless otherwise noted by your instructor) then click "CONTINUE."

Step 19. During installation, you may need to enter your computer's Administrator password.

  If you cannot remember your password, please see this article


Step 20. Once the installation completes, click "Done."

Step 21. Open Finder, then Applications, then the Autodesk folder to get to Maya.

Step 22. When you first launch Maya, select "Enter a Serial Number."

Step 23. Click "I Agree" to acknowledge the Privacy Statement.


Step 24. Click "Activate" to continue.


Step 25. Enter your Serial Number and Product Key (from Step 13) then click "Next."

  If you cannot find your Serial Number or Product Key, check your email for a message with the subject "Autodesk license details."


 Step 26. Your product will now be activated. Click "Finish" to complete installation and launch your new software.

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