Nuke - Installation

This tutorial will take you through the steps of activating your Nuke, Mari, and Hiero licenses.

Step 1. Create an account with The Foundry using your Full Sail Email address! --> HERE
Step 2. Once your account had been created, it should direct you to enter your activation key in the Activation Key box. If it does not take you to the activation key box, please click --> HERE  Please note that this is where you will be entering the key sent to you by the school. 
Step 3. Enter the System ID: for help with locating your system ID. Download the FLU tool and once you open that your system Id will be displayed at the bottom:

Step 4. Your license key will be e-­‐mailed to you with a link to the installation instructions and where to download the software.

*If you cannot locate these instructions, please use this download link: and select Mac 64.

For more help:

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