Mac App Store - How to redeem and download desktop apps

This tutorial will walk you through redeeming software from the Mac App Store.

 help.png  Are you looking for Final Cut Pro or Logic? If you received your Project LaunchBox on or after June 2018, these apps may be preinstalled on your Mac. Check your Applications folder. If you received your Mac prior to June 2018, check your Full Sail email for your codes.

Before you get started, you will need an Apple ID to redeem your apps. If you already have an Apple ID or iCloud account, please use it for this install (check to see if you have one here). If you are sure you do not have an Apple ID, please go to this link and complete the steps to create an Apple account without a credit card. We recommend using your personal email account when going through this process.

Step 1. After you have successfully created an Apple account, open the App Store located in Finder -> Applications.

Step 2. After you open the App Store, click Sign In under Quick Links on the right side of the store.

Step 3. Enter your Apple ID (email address) and password in the space provided and click Sign In. Note: After you have successfully logged into your App Store account, you will need to locate the email sent to your student email account by Full Sail University containing your activation code(s).

Step 4. Once you have your activation code(s), go back to the App Store and click Redeem from under Quick Links.

Step 5. Enter your activation code in the space provided and click Redeem.

Note: You may be prompted to enter your password again. If so, enter your password and click Redeem Code.

Step 6. Once your download begins, it will open Launchpad and you will see your software begin to download and install. Once complete, your software will be available in your Applications folder. Repeat Step 5 to download all other redeemable software from the App Store.

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