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This tutorial details steps for installing Logic Pro X Additional Sounds. 

 help.png  Do you have Logic? If you received your Project LaunchBox on or after June 2018, Logic Pro X may be preinstalled on your Mac. Check your Applications folder. If you received your Mac prior to June 2018, check your Full Sail email for your Logic activation code.

What are Additional Sounds? Logic Pro X has a large amount of different sounds/content to choose from. These additional sounds are close to 50 gigs of space! Additional sounds are (but limited to):

1. Synthesizers 
2. Piano 

4. Guitar modeling 

5. Bass guitar modeling 

6. Drum sets 

  We strongly recommend connecting your Mac to a power source and plug into your router/modem using your ethernet adapter for a direct internet connection.  This ensures reliable and consistent internet connection for install.




Step 1. Once you have ensured Logic Pro X is installed (tutorial here if needed), you will now need to open Logic Pro X.

  1. On your keyboard, hold down the command ⌘ button and tap the space bar. This will pull up a “Spotlight Search.
  2. From here, type “Logic Pro X.”
  3. You will notice there are some options to click on. Click on the option that states, “Logic Pro X – Applications.”


Step 2. Once Logic Pro X is opened, Logic will need to install some essential sounds.  Agree to this and wait for those sounds to fully install.

  • During install, you can select "I am new to Logic Pro" for additional information regarding Logic Pro X.
  • When prompted, enter your computer’s password to finalize the installation of basic content. 1Essential_Sounds_Download.png




Click the blue continue button.  We now begin the process of downloading additional Content...



Step 3. To trigger the download for additional content, you will need to open a session.

  1. This option will show up once you have installed the essential elements. Select “Empty Project.”
  2. Once you have the project open, select “Software Instrument” then click continue.
  3. Your Logic Pro X session is now open.
  4. NOTE: You maybe prompted or asked to download all sounds at once before this step. Once again, if you feel confident in your Internet connection, your computer is plugged into a power supply, hard-wired Internet; feel free to download all the sounds at once.
  5. If you do not receive this notice or choose to download them individually, go to the top left corner of your screen > Select Logic Pro X > Sound Library > Then select Open Sound Library Manager.
  6. From here, you may individually select the sounds to download.
  7. Please select (check) a couple of sound packs to download and install. If you feel confident in your internet connection, your computer is plugged in for power, hard-wired to your internet, feel free to download all the sounds at once.
  8. If it states “Outdated,” feel free to check these sounds to update as needed.
  9. Incomplete means there are some downloads that have been installed, however there a little more that need to be downloaded.  If you have this selected, it will ask you to only download ones needed as oppose to the whole thing.  Similar to the below image:
  10. Once you select Install New Packages Only, you can either view the progress in the Logic Session – or – If you wanted to exit out of the session you will be prompted with a message that ask if you would like to continue the download/install. Please confirm the option to continue download.

Step 4. Understanding the download, install, and location of your sounds.

  1. You will notice that once you click on install (on above image), it will appear that nothing is happening.5Actual_Download.png
  2. Your sounds are indeed downloading!  You can view the progress of each download from the below image.  NOTE: Notice the blue progress bar in the red rectangle. 5Actual_DownloadRed.png
  3. You can actually click on this blue progress bar to receive additional information about your download.6Actual_Download_View.png
  4. Once your sounds are downloaded, Logic will need to install those sounds for your future use.7Install_View.png
  5. Once this is finished, a message in the top right corner of your screen (shown in red circle), will confirm that install.8Success.png

Where are these sounds?  Is there a way that I can confirm I have installed all of the additional content?  There are two locations that will confirm these questions.  Information below!

  1. You may go back to the additional sounds to continue OR confirm your installs.9Checking_Sounds.png
  2. You will notice that there are some completed downloads, incompleted, and some that will not state anything.  The ones that have no message by them mean that there have been no sounds downloaded or installed for future use.10Checking_Sounds.png
  3. The other area where you can actually use these sounds and also download additional sounds, is in the "Library" section.  Shortcut key to trigger the Library is "Y."  If you tap the letter Y on your keyboard, this will either show or hide the Library - image below.11Other_Area_of_download_and_knowing_of_download.png
  4. Once this is opened, you will notice some sounds that have a light grey downwards arrow and a circle around them.  This means that this particular sound has NOT been installed.  If you click on any of these arrows, it will trigger the download/install process.
  5. If you select any of the sounds that DO NOT have the light grey downwards arrow, you will be able to play/use these sounds with your MIDI controller.  Please speak with your instructor on how to set up your MIDI controller if further assistance is required.
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