Final Draft 9 - Installation

This tutorial will walk you through the steps for installing your Final Draft software. Please scroll down to the bottom of this article for links to Final Draft instructional videos.

Step 1.

If you have a code for Final Draft 9 (16-digit code beginning with "9") start here. The Final Draft site will walk you through the rest of the steps, and should detect your operating system.

If you have a code for Final Draft 8 (15-digit code beginning with "8") start here, then follow the instructions listed below.


You will see the installation listed in 4 steps. Begin by clicking "Download Final Draft", then running the once it's finished. 

Step 2. Begin the installation from the Final Draft 9 Installer by clicking 'Install'. Continue along and install Final Draft 9. After you install Final Draft, It will be located in your Applications folder or Launchpad in your dock.

Step 3. You will be prompted to enter the Customer Number again. Enter the software code that you received in your Full Sail email and click "Continue." (Please make sure you DO NOT click "Demo Mode"). When you are prompted to activate your software, choose “Activate Now” and then select “Online Activation.”

Step 4. For registering, you may do so from within the program after clicking "Online Activation" or from the link off the initial webpage under Step 4, click. You do not need to install Final Draft 9 before registering.



In the Customer Number field, enter your software code one more time.Fill out your name, email address, and country under for your Owner Information. When finished, click "Submit."

You can now reopen your software to begin using it.

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