Word Press - Basics

This tutorial will show you how to add pictures and video to a post in Word Press.

Step 1. Sign into your WordPress Account.

Step 2. After signing in, go to your blogs Dashboard by clicking on the blog name in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Step 3. The Dashboard command is located at the top of the Options list when clicking on the blog name.

Step 4. Your WordPress Dashboard should resemble the picture at the right.

Step 5. To create a new post, look for the word “Posts” along the left side of the screen, click on it, and go to the command “Add New."

Step 6. To Add Video to your new Blog post, you will need to first be on your new post already. Select the “Add Video” by hovering with your cursor over the buttons next to “Upload/Insert”. The second button from the left should be labeled “Add Video”. After clicking on the button, follow directions to add in a video to your post.

Step 7. You should be taken to a screen similar to the one at the right. This screen will allow you to add video from your computer, from a website or from a media library source.

Step 8. You can follow similar steps to add in photos on your post. Click on the “Photos” button (the first button next to Upload/Insert) from the Add New Post screen.

Step 9. You should be taken to a screen similar to the one at the right when you want to add in photos. Click “Select Files” and choose your photo to upload.

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