How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

This tutorial will go over two different methods for taking a screenshot in Windows. The Snipping Tool method works with most Windows operating systems. During instances when the Snipping Tool method does not work, use the Print Screen method described below. For Mac users, click here.

Print Screen Method
Step 1. To take a screen shot using the Print Screen button, use the Shift+FN+F11 key combination. After doing this, your screenshot should now be added on the Clipboard. Please follow the steps below to remove it from the clipboard.
Step 2. Open Microsoft Paint. Click Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint
Step 3. Click File> New. Right-click on the canvas and select "Paste" to paste your screenshot.
Step 4. Click the "Select" tool along the top bar and choose "Rectangular Select" in Paint. This will allow you to crop your screenshot.
Step 5. Click on File, and select "Save As.” Type in a file name and change select your preferred format. You can now send the screenshot by email or put it on a website.

The Snipping Tool Method
Step 1. Open the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is found in Start> All Programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool.
Step 2. Choose the kind of screenshot (snip) you would like to take. "Rectangular Snip" is chosen by default.
Step 3. Select the area that you want a screenshot of. If you chose "Window Snip,” select the window you would like to take a screen shot of. If you chose "Full-Screen Snip,” it will take a screen shot of your monitor.
Step 4. Save the screenshot by clicking the floppy disk icon in the window that pops up. Type in a name for the screenshot and change the "Save as type" field if desired. You can now send the screenshot by email or put it on a website.

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