Absolute LoJack - Installation

This tutorial will walk you through installing Absolute LoJack on your MacBook Pro. Attached is the LoJack FAQ.

Step 1. Have your LoJack installation card available and go to this site: https://my.absolute.com


Step 2. You will be prompted to create your account.  Fill out all the necessary information and select "Create Account".


Step 3. The next screen will prompt you to input the registration code from the card you received in your LaunchBox packaging.



Step 4. Scroll to the bottom of the End User Service Agreement to enable the 'I Agree' button. When the button becomes enabled click 'I Agree.'


Step 5. After inputting your registration code and agreeing to the terms, you will be taken to the Install page. Select 'Mac Download.'


Step 6. Click 'Save File.'



Step 7. Locate the installation file titled AbsoluteSetup.dmg and double click on it. 


Step 8. Double click the AbsoluteSetup.app icon.

If you receive the following error message follow the work around steps below. If you do not receive the error message proceed to Step 9

a. Click Ok.

           b. Go back to the AbsoluteSetup window with the red AbsoluteSetup.app icon.

           c. Right click on the AbsoluteSetup.app icon by holding the Control key on your keyboard and clicking on the icon.

           d. Select Open.

           e. The error message will re-appear with an option to Open. Click Open.


Step 9. Click Continue to begin the installation. This process may take a couple of minutes.


Step 10. When the installation is complete, a "Congratulations, you're almost done!" message will appear. Click Continue.


Step 11. Complete the required fields on the Settings page, check the box and click Finish.



Step 12. Your LoJack account will display to confirm your account has been setup and linked to your device.


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