Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording - Installation

This article will walk you through the process of installing the Alan Parsons Art & Science of Sound Recording software for Mac OSX

Step 1. Navigate to the registration page by clicking here. You will be prompted to create a new account. Fill out the fields appropriately. In the school registration code field, enter FULLSAIL20

Step 2. Next, click here.
If you are not automatically logged in, please do so using your newly created credentials (case sensitive). You will now see a screen like the one below - please read the information provided carefully and make note of the warning

Leave this window open for now, we will return to this later during the installation process.

Step 3. Open the insertion point of the USB card (shown below) and place it into the USB drive of your Mac, face up.

Step 4. Open Finder and you will see the drive listed on the left as "ASSR EDU." Select it to view the drive contents. Double click on the installation file inside titled "ASSR Educational License Installer" to begin the installation process.

Step 5. The installation will begin by telling you that the package will run a program to determine if the software can be installed - click "Continue."

Step 6. Continue through the installation screens and agree to the license when prompted - after the license you will land on the registration page seen below.

Step 7. At this point head back to the website from step 2 and click on the blue "Activate Serial Number" button which will display your serial number. Highlight and copy (Command + C) this serial number, then paste (Command + V) it into the serial number field within the installation. Fill out the rest of the fields and ensure that your ASSR Username is entered correctly (remember that it is case sensitive) - then click continue.

Step 8. Continue through the rest of the installation screens and ensure that "Macintosh HD" is selected as the destination.

Step 9. Enter your computer password when prompted.

Step 10. The installation will now commence - you may notice the process hang for a bit at the beginning (like the pic below), this is normal so let it run it's course.

Step 11. Once you see the screen below you are ready to open the software, just click the "Close" button in the lower right corner.

Step 12. You can now launch the software! It will be located in your applications directory in a folder titled "ASSR" - Inside the folder double click "ASSR Browser." Alternatively, you can click on Launchpad (the rocketship icon located on your dock) and locate "ASSR Browser" within.

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