Dropbox - Setup and basics

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of installing Dropbox and using it to share files. NOTE: This is not an acceptable alternative to submitting files for coursework on FSO. Do NOT use Drop Box to send files to your instructor unless you were explicitly told to do so.

Step 1. Begin by going to http://www.dropbox.com and click 
Fill out the appropriate fields and click "Sign up for free." 

Step 2. Click 'Download Dropbox'.

Step 3. Locate the installation file that was downloaded and double click it to begin (by default, it should be in your "downloads" folder within Finder).
In the blue window that opens, double click the Dropbox logo. If you are prompted about Dropbox being downloaded from the internet, click "Open."

Step 4. Select the option "I already have a Dropbox account." Enter the email address and password you chose when you signed up on the Dropbox website.

Select the "Typical" installation option and the "2GB Free Account" option

Step 5. If you want to set up Dropbox on your mobile phone you may do so here, but for our purposes just click "Continue" to skip the step

Step 6. You will be given a basic tour of Dropbox, and you can read through the 5 pages of information. On the last page, make sure to put a check mark next to "Open my Dropbox folder now." If prompted, enter your password.

Sharing Files:
Step 1. Once the installation is complete, your Dropbox folder will automatically open. Place the file you wish to share inside here (we have used a pages document for this example). The document will show a green check-mark when it is ready to be shared. At this point you can always access the files in the Dropbox folder (inside of Finder on your Mac) on the Dropbox website as well when you log in

Step 2. Right click (command+click) on the document you wish to share and select "Share Dropbox Link" from the menu. You will now see a notification letting you know that a link to that file has been copied to your clipboard. The link will appear the next time you paste (command+V or right click> paste).

Step 3. You can email your link to share it with others. Include an appropriate subject and message, then paste (Command + V) the link into the email body.

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