McGraw-Hill Connect - Registration

This tutorial will show you how to register for McGraw-Hill Connect and view your course eBook. To setup McGraw-Hill Connect on a mobile device, use these steps.

Step 1. Locate the registration link on your course page. The link is usually found in an activity called "McGraw-Hill Connect Registration", "Textbook & LearnSmart Achieve Registration" or something similar (the title and location within your course may vary). The PDF that you are looking for is the "Registration Details" PDF.


Step 2. Inside of this assignment or announcement will be a registrationDetails.pdf (or similar) PDF document with the registration link. 

Step 3. You will be taken to a registration page similar to the one below. Enter your email address and click the "BEGIN" button.

Note: If you have previously used McGraw-Hill Connect, you will be prompted for your password. Otherwise, proceed to Step 6...

Step 4. Enter your information to create your McGraw-Hill Education account, check the box to agree to the terms of use, then click "NEXT STEP".


Step 5. Enter the code from the email you received with “CONNECT PLUS” in the subject line.

(If you do not have your code, search your Full Sail email inbox or contact FSO Support.)


Step 6. Your eBook and and other details will appear. Click "CONFIRM" to complete your registration.

Step 7. You should see the success page. Click "GO TO CONNECT" to get started. (Click here if you are on iPad or Android.)


Your assignments will appear. You will need to complete the assignments on McGraw-Hill Connect in addition to FSO for this course.


Step 8. To access your eBook, select "Classes" on the left, then select your current course.

Your eBook will appear. Click on it to go through the book by chapter, see exercises, edit, and make notes

Mobile Access (iPad or Android)

All the McGraw-Hill tools used in English Composition are accessible on Android tablets and phones with Android version 4.4 or higher and Apple tablets with iOS 7.0 or higher (it is not currently accessible on iPhone).

In order to complete all the McGraw-Hill assignments on mobile, you must first register for your section by following the registration instructions listed in the first part of this article. This must be done using a browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. You cannot register directly from the app.

Once you have registered, install three free apps: MHE Connect, LearnSmart, and SmartBook. These are available in the AppStore or Google Play. The MHE Connect app is most important. It links you to your instructor’s section and assignments.

  NOTE: Please install the LearnSmart (LS) app and NOT LearnSmart "Suite" (LSS) as this will cause known technical issues.


 mhe_connect.png  MHE Connect  ios.png     android.png


 LS.png  LearnSmart  ios.png     android.png


 smartbook.png SmartBook  ios.png      android.png






Sign in to the MHE Connect app using the email address and password you used to register for the class. You will also be asked for your instructor’s email address in order to connect to their section.


Once signed in to the MHE Connect app, you will see all your assignments for the month and their due dates.


When you click on an assignment, you will be prompted to launch or install the appropriate LSS or SB app in order to complete the assignment.


It is important to register for the proper section, sign in to the MHE Connect app correctly, and launch assignments through that app. If you try to go straight to the LSS or SB app, it will not be connected to your section. You will have access to self-study options only, and your instructor will not be able to see your progress in order to grade your assignments.

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