MacBook Pro - Apple Care Warranty Information

Your Macbook Pro is covered by a three-year Applecare Protection Plan. This repair and support package covers defects and damage that are not caused by user error. For example, a hard drive crash would be repaired at no cost; repairing damage caused by accidentally spilling liquid into the keyboard would be your responsibility.


Your computer is already registered with AppleCare based on the computer's serial number.  You can call AppleCare with any questions about the warranty or coverage. AppleCare also assists with basic tech problems and computer support.

• AppleCare Student Support: 1-800-800-2775
• Hours: 7am-8pm (Mon-Fri); 8am-8pm (Sat/Sun) Central Time
• Make an appointment here
• For more features of AppleCare Protection plan, click here
• To register your MacBook Pro under your name and view your detailed AppleCare coverage, click here


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