How to add your student email to iPad or iPhone

This tutorial will take you through the steps of setting up your Full Sail email account on your Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) device.

 If you are looking for the Android tutorial, click here.

Step 1. On your iOS device, tap: “Settings” then “Accounts & Passwords.”


Step 2. Tap “Add Account”

Step 3. Choose "Exchange"

Step 4. Enter the information in the fields as shown in the example below. The email address and password fields will be the same as your username and password for Connect (make sure to add to your username).


Step 5. On the next screen, re-enter the data, this time include the following - Domain:, Server:



Step 6. Your iOS device will now locate the Exchange Server. On the final screen, make sure Mail is selected. (There are other options, but they are optional and will not affect your email.) Tap “Save” when finished.


Your iOS device is now set to send and receive your Full Sail email. Please wait a few minutes to check your Mail account as your device may take a while to fully sync with the server.

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