Apple iMovie - Alternative Narration Creation for Keynote Presentations

If you encounter an issue with your Audio Narration after exporting from Keynote, this tutorial will show you how to import and narrate your presentation in iMovie.

Step 1. Open your Keynote presentation. Go to File>Export>Images.


Step 2. In the popup window, change the format to "PNG (high quality)" and click “Next.” Change the location to “Desktop” and click “Export.” Your slides will appear on your Desktop.

Step 3. Open iMovie. Go to File>New Project. In the popup window, rename your project and click “Create.”

Step 4. Select your Keynote slides from the Desktop, and drag them into the Project pane of iMovie. Once the slides are in the Project pane, go to Edit>Select All. When the slides are selected, they will be outlined in yellow.

Step 5. Click the Crop button (in the middle on iMovie). In the top right panel, click “Fit” and “Done.” This will remove the default “Ken Burns” effect.

Step 6. To record your narration, click the microphone icon (next to the crop button). Select a slide to begin recording. To end the recording, hit the space bar on your keyboard. The narration will appear as a purple bar beneath your slides. You can click and drag the purple bar to move the narration.

Step 7. To change the length of each clip, hover your mouse on top a a clip and a gear icon will appear. Click on the gear icon and select “Clip Adjustments.” In the pop up window, replace the default “4” with the desired number of seconds. If you want to make each slide the same length, check the box next to “Applies to all stills.”

Step 8. To export your video, go to Share>File. In the pop-up window, rename your video, and change the location to “Desktop.” Click “Save” to begin exporting.

Step 9. A status bar will appear at the top of iMovie. When the video is finished, it will appear as a .mov file on your Desktop.


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