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Update 11/07/2017:  The email domain for your student email has been updated.  When logging in you will need to use "username@student.fullsail.edu".  You will no longer use "username@fullsail.edu".  If you have your login information saved in your browser you will need to update this or you will receive errors when attempting to log in.  Please note: You password has not changed.  You will still use the previous password you used. 

If you continue to have issues when using the new domain, please contact FSO Support for further assistance. 


While attempting to log into a Full Sail University application, the following error message appears: "Woops! Login has failed. Double-check your school email address and password."

Troubleshooting Steps:
Step 1. Attempt to login once more.  An incorrect key might have been pressed by mistake.
Step 2. Make sure you are entering your Full Sail student email address, and include the "@student.fullsail.edu" ending.
Step 3. Perform a password reset by clicking the "Need to reset your password?" link.
Step 4. Perform a browser reset.
Step 5. Try signing in with an alternate browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.
Step 6. If the issue persists, please reach out to FSO Support for further assistance. Please make sure to provide screenshots, details about the error, and troubleshooting steps you have taken to correct the issue.

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