Mac Basics - First 3 To-Do's When You Get Your Mac

1. Setup your Apple ID. Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services and it is typically your email address. If you have previously owned an Apple product or have purchased music from iTunes, you may already an Apple ID. (If you’re not sure, click here to find out.) Otherwise, you will be prompted to create an Apple ID when you first turn on your Mac.


2. The Mac Setup Assistant will automatically begin when you turn on your Mac on for the first time.
• Enter (or create) your Apple ID.
• Sync your Mac with iCloud.
• Complete the remaining Mac Setup Assistant prompts.
• Complete a Software Update via the Apple icon on the top-left corner.

3. Navigate to the Safari Browser. This is the blue compass icon () in your dock that’s on the bottom portion of your screen.
Create/Set-up an iMessage account in Messages
Install Adobe Reader
Install Adobe Flash
The attached tutorial will walk you through how to set up your Mac for the first time.

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