McGraw Hill Connect - Upgrading a Free Trial Account

You may sign up for a free trial on McGraw-Hill (Courtesy Access). The trial lasts for two weeks only and will run out before the course ends. Your progress will be saved, but you will not receive credit for the completed work until the account has been upgraded to a licensed account. Click here or review the steps below for upgrade instructions.

Step 1. Go to the section web address listed on the student registration info sheet your instructor provided.  This will be listed under "Pending Activities" for your Course. If you don’t have a web address, ask your instructor or check your syllabus.


Step 2. Enter your email address that you used when you signed up for the Free Trial and click the Begin button.

  You must use the same e-mail that you originally used, otherwise you will lose any previous work.


Step 3. Enter your password and click Sign In.


Step 4. Enter your registration code and click SUBMIT. Or see Step 5.

Your code can be found in your student email. The message contains “CONNECT PLUS” in the subject line.



Step 5. Click "Yes purchase access" and copy and paste your redemption code when prompted.



Step 6. Click the MENU icon at the top left corner of the screen and choose "Classes."



Step 7. Click "Confirm."



Step 8. Click "Go to Connect" to complete the registration.


Important Notes

  • Trial accounts are only for students who have never registered for McGraw-Hill in the past and are awaiting the distribution of a registration code. Once the code arrives, it can be used to upgrade the trial account to a licensed account, which will preserve the your work. Each code can be used only once. There is no way to merge the separate trial and licensed accounts, and all work in the trial account will be lost when the trial expires.


  • If you forget which email address you used to register for a licensed account, you must contact your instructor (either the current instructor or the previous one if the you first registered in a previous month) and ask the instructor to check the McGraw-Hill course roster for that information.


  • When upgrading to a licensed account, you must enter the same email address that you used for the free trial, or you will lose all of your progress on the Personalized Learning Plan. Progress is tied to your email address, and McGraw-Hill cannot merge accounts. 


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