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This tutorial will take you through the steps for registering on ALEKS. PLEASE NOTE: ALEKS registration instructions are sent to FSO Support AFTER they are sent to course instructors, which means there may be some differences between these instructions, and the ones that you will use for your course. You may use this tutorial as a guideline for registration, but we recommend that you check with you instructor for the most up to date information as it pertains to coursework, deadlines, and grading.

Step 1. Before you begin, you will need a 10-Digit Course Code provided by your instructor. If you did not receive a code, contact your instructor. Once you have your code, go to the Full Sail ALEKS portal: and click on “SIGN UP NOW!”

Step 2. Enter your 10-digit “Course Code” and click “Continue.”

Step 3. Confirm Course Information and Click “Continue.”

Step 4. Enter your personal information; read the Agreement, click the checkbox, and click “Continue.”

Step 5. Account creation; write down your Login Name and Password, click “Continue.”

Step 6. Registration Complete; click “Continue.”

Step 7. Checking for plug-in; when installation is complete, close all of your browser windows, then restart your browser

Note: If you encounter an error with this plug-in, go here for troubleshooting instructions.

Step 8. Go to and enter your ALEKS login name and password in the Registered Users area and click on “LOGIN.”
Step 9. You have now completed your ALEKS Registration and have downloaded the ALEKS Plug-in! You will now be in your ALEKS student account and will begin with the ALEKS Answer Editor Tutorial.

Next, you will take a course assessment, receive your ALEKS Pie Chart, and enter the ALEKS Learning Mode. Remember, you only register in ALEKS once. After that, to enter ALEKS you simply LOGIN with your personal login name and password.

ALEKS Customized Course Learning Plan:
The ALEKS interactive math software will create a customized learning plan for your needs. After you register, all you need to do is set aside at least an hour to take a short skills assessment. Login to ALEKS and follow the instructions on screen.

Step 1. Login to ALEKS using your new user name and password. ALEKS provides you with a short (~5 min) tutorial on how to use the software and enter your answers.
Step 2. Complete the 30 questions of the skills assessment. Be sure to reserve enough time to complete this without rushing. Do not use a calculator on the skills assessment unless you are directed to do so.

Step 3. Once you have completed the skills assessment, your results will be shown in a pie chart. This chart tells you what you already know and what you still have to complete. The software adjusts as you learn new material. If you forget it may present some problems to remind you. Every once in a while you will have an assessment to show you have mastered the new content. These are automatic and are how ALEKS monitors your learning. You will also have graded 2 Homework assignments; one each week, that are timed and will be part of your final grade. For each chapter we will post goals for ALEKS to help you make progress in the class. These correspond to the chapters you are reading. You will also receive 2 grades for ALEKS that reflects how much of the course you were able to complete.

Your grade for the CMA course will be calculated using the following scores:
2 Weekly Discussion Postings
2 Timed Weekly Homework Assignments
2 Completion of ALEKS

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