Movie Magic Scheduling - Installation

These instructions will assist you with installing your Movie Magic Scheduling 5 software. If you run into any problems with the installation, Customer Service can be contacted via telephone within the U.S. at: 800.624.3472 or 818.955.6331, or email


Step 1. Go to HERE and click on the the appropriate download for your Operating System (Most students will be using the Mac). It would be best to be hard wired to your internet. A wireless system could take much longer or even time-out the download.
Step 2. The Installer will then download into your computers Downloads folder. Open up the Downloads folder.

Step 3. Double click the dmg. file. A new window will appear. Double click on the installer  (MMS_MAC_5.3.0369).

Step 4. A security window will appear stating that there is an application which was downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? - Click Open
Step 5. The software will begin to load. Once completed the welcome screen will appear. Complete each step.

a. Welcome- read then click Next.
b. License Agreement- select I accept the terms of the License Agreement then click Next.
c. Choose Install Folder- Leave as default. Do not change this.
d. Choose a Alias Folder- Select “In the Dock”. Click Next.
e. Summary- Review your selections, if correct click Next, if not click previous to fix the concern.
f. Enter Password- enter your laptop’s administrator password. Click Next.

  • Per the Developer: Special characters in the computer's administrative password will cause an error to occur that will not allow you to complete the installation

g. Installing- The installation will complete.
h. Important Information- Read then click Next.
i. Installation Complete- Click Done.

Step 6. A new window will appear- Do you want to Launch Movie Magic Scheduling- Click Yes.
Step 7. The software will open. The Activation Wizard window will open next. Click Activate License.


Step 8. Locate the activation code which is sent to your Full Sail email. Enter this code in the space provided. Click Next.
Step 9. Complete the required registration. Then you will be ready to begin exploring the new software.


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