Unity - Installation

This tutorial will walk you through activating and installing your Unity 3D software on your MacBook Pro.

Step 1. Navigate to http://www.unity3d.com and click on "Get started".


Step 2. Click on "Try Personal" for beginners.


Check the box to accept the terms and choose your operating system.



Step 3. You will now be on the download page. From here click on download Unity 5.


Step 4. Save the file and double click the file to open the installer, then double click "Unity Download Assistant".

Step 5. Allow your computer to open the file then click "Continue" within the installer.


Step 6. Enter your computer password when prompted, then choose the drive to which you would like to install Unity 5, then click "Continue".

Step 7. Once the install is complete you will have your Unity folder open in front of you. Click on the “Unity” icon to start the program. You can also drag the “Unity” icon to your “dock” so it is easily accessible.


Step 8. After you click on the “Unity” icon, you will be brought to an activation screen. Please be sure to create an account with your student email address.


Step 9. Once you have created your account, a verification email will be sent to your student email account. Please verify the email then log into the application and choose Unity Personal Edition.

Step 10. After filling out a brief survey, you will be able to access the Unity application.

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