Technical Support - Fact Card

Technical Support's Mission Statement
Technical Support listens to the technical needs of the student and assesses their individual level of need while providing thorough technical help and guidance.

We will present opportunities for students to share, be heard, and rely on our team for respect-driven, solution-oriented support that equips students with the tools they need to continually be successful in their degree programs.

Technical Support's Core Values
We look forward for opportunities to help and to work with you through your educational journey!

  • We get excited teaching you new things.
  • We tackle problems. It's fun for us.
  • We embrace uniqueness.
  • We know mistakes happen but we always want to make it right.
  • We rock out the geek factor.
  • We represent works in progress. The FSO platform is alive and ever evolving.

Items We Support
Technical Support offers help in the following areas:

  • Full Sail Online functionality and online course access
  • Missing codes and software
  • eBook and PDF readers
  • Mac and Windows basics
  • Basic support for Project LaunchBox items
  • Basic software installation
  • Web browser basics
  • Student email basics
  • File sharing solutions
  • Google Docs
  • Messaging and chat interfaces



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