FSO - Submission Upload Error "Filetype not allowed"

When trying to upload a file for submission, you receive an error, “Error - Filetype not allowed.”

Step 1.  Make sure that your file is on the list of supported file types. You can check your file type by right clicking on the file and selecting “More Info.”
Step 2. If your file is not a supported file type, you will need to compress your file into a .zip file. For instructions on compression, click here.
Step 3. If your file is a supported file type, make sure that the file name does not include any spaces or special characters (&*.#). If the name looks okay but the error persists, try a signing out and signing back in again.
Step 4. Reset your browser, or try an alternate browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
Step 5. If the issue persists, please reach out to FSO Support for further assistance. Please make sure to describe the issue with screenshots, details about the error, and troubleshooting steps you have taken to correct the issue.

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