Perform a Browser Reset (Windows)

Resetting your web browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) is your first troubleshooting step for any issues you experience on the web, including Full Sail Online. Choose your web browser from below and follow the instructions provided. Mac users click here.

Firefox Reset:

Step 1. Select The options button from the top menu bar [Three lines on top of each other] and choose Preferences.


Step 2. In the Search bar at the top right, search for History.


Step 3. In the History menu, choose "clear your recent history."


Step 4. Please ensure that the Time range to clear is set to “Everything” and the following options are selected.



-Offline Website Data

Then click the “Clear Now” button.


Chrome Reset:

Step 1. On your browser toolbar, click More More

Step 2. Scroll to More tools, and then click Clear browsing data.

Step 3. Set the Obliterate the following items function to “the beginning of time” and select the following options.
-Clear browsing history
-Clear download history
-Empty the cache
-Delete cookies and other site plug in data
Then click the “Clear browsing data” button.

Step 4. Completely close out of the Chrome browser and relaunch the browser.


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