How to add your student email to Apple Mail (Mac)

This tutorial will walk you through adding your email address to your Mac's Mail app.


Step 1. Click the black Apple ( apple.jpg ) at the top-left of your screen and select System Preferences...



Step 2. On the System Preferences window, please select the Internet Accounts option.


Step 3. On the Internet Accounts window, please select the Exchange option that appears on the right.


Step 4. The next window asks for your Name, Email address, and Password. Use your Full Sail credentials for this step and click the Sign In button.


Step 5. Select the apps you want to use, then click the Done button.


Step 6. In the final step you will be asked to choose which aspects of the Exchange account you would like synced with your computer. If you are happy with the options that are selected, you can close this window.


Step 7. You're all set! You can launch the Mail application to access your Full Sail email. Please allow a few minutes for your email messages to appear in your inbox.



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